Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle
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#16: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: AloysiusLocation: B., Belgium PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 10:32 am
Yesterday she flied once for a distance of about 40 m, then tried to escape so she had to go back in her box. Today I started even farther away and she overcame 3 times 50-60 m before she tried to look for other company and had to return to her box.
Maybe she knew that I had to return home early to say the last goodbey to Mila, my German teckle. Today she ended a struggle that started about 5 years ago. As a result she could only keep special light food inside and even that stopped last week Sunday. She had little to no reserves and only her mind (and the help of the vet with antibiotics and glucose-solutions) kept her alive for more than 1 week extra. But this time it was not turning right, so this afternoon she asked with her eyes for her final injection. Mila was born on September 7th 2008 in Czech Republic. She was given to me/my family by a dear Czech friend. It hurts to say goodbey as she was part of our family for a very long time. She was the most clever dog I have ever known, she could manipulate everyone including my bigger Cesky Fousec hunting dog and was a real play-friend for my 3 grandsons.

#17: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: slimjimLocation: Fort Worth TX PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 2:45 pm
Sorry about your loss, Aloys. Dogs really are man's best friend. They are missed when they pass-on. We named our last dog's favorite walk the Bosley Memorial Walk. We think of him often.

#18: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: VinceLocation: Brisbane AUSTRALIA PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 3:05 pm
I’m really sorry to hear of Mila’s passing Aloys. Sad Crying or Very sad As Slim said, they really are a man’s best friend…and also a part of the family.

It sounds like Sibelle is starting to read you well mate…time to take a hold of her.

#19: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: gelandanganLocation: Sydney Australia PostPosted: Mon Aug 02, 2021 9:29 pm
Sorry to hear Aloys

#20: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: AloysiusLocation: B., Belgium PostPosted: Wed Aug 04, 2021 12:36 am
and some good news: I hope Sibelle made the connection: yesterday she did 4 times about 80 m and she was allowed to eat. And yes: when she hesitated preveous days, I had to increase the distance, just to avoid that she might think she won and that refusing long enough would make me come closer. I'm beginning to get a lot of respect for that little head and for the strength of that bird. She is still very young, but when she's squeezing her tallons I'm feeling it very well through the glove! I'm pretty sure that without glove I would leak some blood... Smile
And for me: I'm beginning to understand that's all about trust, food, weight-management and trying not to make mistakes. Sibelle is so clever and her memory is far better than mine. Yesterday, after 4 chicken legs (1 for each flight) she was allowed to fill her crop with the skin of these 1-day-old-chickens (to increase her hunger-feelings). Before starting to eat these skins she looked at them and then back to me with eyes saying "what are you doing now?" She also got 2 extra chickens for the good job she did and now I'm very cureous about her weight today and how she'll respond today.
It's an amazing world and I would recommend to go for it whenever you have the time, the opportunity and a good teacher/mentor/sponsor.

#21: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: AloysiusLocation: B., Belgium PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2021 12:40 am
Great: on a new location Sibelle did 8 times the 100 m with only 1 mistake: a pit-stop on the electical wires besides the street and she corrected that real quick. She responds real fast to my call, flying fast too. I think she likes me Smile (but probably only my food)
I let her fill her crop and she's allowed to rest today (which means no flying, no food and maybe a short walk on my glove).
Everybody happy, live can be great

#22: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: ElvisLocation: south island New Zealand PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2021 1:01 am
great to hear the bird is bonding with you....your wee four legged mate will be enjoying life in the big hunting stand in the sky,nice sheepskin rug to curl up on and roaring fire to keep toasty warm.....waiting at the pearly gates with tail wagging one day in the future.... they give so much and take a chunk of our hearts with them.

#23: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: VinceLocation: Brisbane AUSTRALIA PostPosted: Thu Aug 05, 2021 5:57 pm
It sounds like you are really starting to bond with Sibelle, and she is working out exactly where she stands in the pecking order. Great work mate.

#24: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: slimjimLocation: Fort Worth TX PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2021 3:53 pm

Aloys, I know you won't follow this guy's example. He is going to start a stir if he hasn't alreay.

#25: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: AloysiusLocation: B., Belgium PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 12:53 am
I'm still just a "young" falconer, but I already know there's a big difference between a Harris and a Redtail... even my ear already knows that Smile You can ask Vince when you don't believe me...
and no, such birds normally don't attack people, but when they think there's food and they are hungry...
and don't forget: the things they use to sit down on something are all carrying razorharp knives... so when you don't hear them coming untill the last meter and you turn your head at the moment they want to sit down on your shoulder because you don't present them your glove...
and then the fight starts... you with a hungry bird on the glove of your left hand and a handkerchief coulored with your blood in your right hand, the hand you normally use to bring food to the glove...
I think you see the picture, otherwise I have to ask Vince for help.
Did I already mention that these tallons are also used to kill and cut the food, so they are not so healphy when they make your body leak...
luckely scars on old men (especially their faces) just show they are experienced Smile
and I do still love my bird!
but my respect has increased Smile

#26: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: VinceLocation: Brisbane AUSTRALIA PostPosted: Wed Aug 25, 2021 4:19 pm
From Aloys…

An old man and a young chick... that's asking for troubles...

a week ago Friday, Sibelle made her first kill: a quail. Afterwards she became more agressive. Maybe because I decreased her weight even more.

On Saturday I got my telemetry-system, so on Monday she was allowed to fly without a line and all went very well.

She's coming very fast, even to fast, without calling her. As soon as my right hand goes into the pocket, she knows food will come out and she'll start.

Yesterday I was training at home, let her fly from a pole to my glove. But at the start I was to slow. I put her away, walked for 4-5 m when I heard her bell. I turned my head... just at the moment she wanted to land on my shoulder (because I didn't keep my glove the way she could land on it)... 1 tallon in my ear and a few others touching my cheek...

Lucky I already did put some rabbitmeat in my glove and she stepped over real soon, but then problems increased: my handkerchief was turning red due to my blood (and the bloodthinners I have to take) and that handkerchief was in the hand that normally takes the food out of my pocket... on the glove there was only a thiny piece of meat and Sibelle was very hungry (and very aggressive)

Finally succeeded to put her in her box (after she also attacked my right hand thinking there was food..), got my leaks fixed and could continue the training.


- old men and young chicks, a dangerous combination

- beware of redtails reaching hunting weights and already tasted warm blood

- don't think a redtail doesn't know or doesn't see when your hand goes into the foodpocket of your jacket


- and for sure: it's YOUR own fault they are punishing you for!

I don't have such an expensive hearing-device in my ear yet. My oldest daughter is a medical docter, so now the repairs were not at all expensive and some like tatoos, others are "improving their looks" with some scars...

And luckely Sibelle is still very young... tallons will grow and her power will increase too. By that time I hope not to make such mistakes anymore because once she starts thinking that my head is easy food... Smile

So: what doesn't kill you will make you stronger (or wiser).


Followed by…

that accident yesterday was completely my fault. I can only blame Sibelle that she came to fast and didn't wait till asked to come. She landed on the wrong spot because I wasn't prepared!

Today I went back to my teacher's place. We put Sibelle a transmitter on her tail and she was free to fly. She acted marvellous. She flew into the tree I pointed, hunted the (rabbit-)lure, came to the glove when asked and when she came to early, we just didn't let her land. Everything went like a fully trained bird.
And for today I was very afraid as her weight was almost 60 grammes more than yesterday, what was 30 g more than desired. But she still did everything OK, so she learned a lot these days.
Can myou believe that a month ago I never had such a bird on my hand? And normally a training for falconer takes about 3 years! Not that I'm a falconer yet, but in short time I will be able to hunt with my Sibelle. Now I'm looking around to buy some little rabbits and once she can catch a live rabbit, she will become even more aggressive. They don't hunt with parrots, you need a hunter to hunt!

All's well that ends well Smile

#27: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: ElvisLocation: south island New Zealand PostPosted: Fri Aug 27, 2021 4:24 pm
awesome update.....the ear scars is just something to peek the interest of the pretty lasses.

#28: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: Deleted_User_13284 PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2021 11:21 pm
wow its an old school drone

#29: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: AloysiusLocation: B., Belgium PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 2:26 am
Sorry, I forgot about this and didn't give any updates. Sibelle is doing fine and I'm getting more the feeling about weightmanagement and predicting reactions. Simulated hunt on quail or pheasants is going great. I'm using Michigan Blue Backs because there are exotic animals here and don't fall under hunting opening (opening on pheasants is October 15, so today Smile )
1 big problem: Sibelle doesn't seem to like rabbits. Very strange for a redtail. She likes to eat rabbit, but doesn't like to hunt or kill them. I think she is rather lazy: 1-day old chicken, quail or pheasants ask less work and risk than those big rabbits... it seems most birds of prey live by the rule of smallest efforts. And I've been told that I show to much compassion... but it's my first bird and she's still very young...
In my opinion: when Sibelle doesn't like rabbits or hare this year, we'll see what next year will bring. And a young bird should eat well enough to become fast and strong...
on the other hand Sibelle could just take advantage of my weak character and might be laughing at me each time she gets an easy meal...

Did I already tell you that our family has increased again? My old dog Hela (see avatar) got company of a young Chesky fousec named Ulah. And Ulah is giving me my hands full as she is rather dominant which is very strange for a Chesky fousec, a dog that's raised to please its master.
BUT: give a dog his/her youth because he/she will give you his/her life!
And when the going gets tough... Smile

#30: Re: Aloys and his hunting hawk Sibelle Author: Deleted_User_13284 PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2021 3:05 am
Interesting so when you hunt with it does it bring what it catches back to you?

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