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Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors
Discussion that doesnt fit other Topics
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 2:10 pm    Post subject: Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors Reply with quote

Ok first off MAJOR thanks to Dimitry for posting the initial list of calibers / diameters. I am a big foggy eyed from reformatting it but here is the formatted list. Please everyone take a minute to look it over and see if there are any errors... calibers listed under the wrong diameter section etc etc. Places where "NameXX" is duplicated in a section (ie Name03 followed by Name03), spelling errors or lastly, if we are missing anything.

*Note: the section title. "Cal_XX" is completely irrelevant to data contained within a section. It has no bearing on diameter or data contained within the section. It only needs to be unique (ie: no 2 sections of the same name).

Here it is, the list:


Name01=".14-222 Remington"
Name02=".14 Walker"

Name01=".17 Bee"
Name02=".17 Bee Improved"
Name03=".17 Flintstone"
Name04=".17 Hornet Improved"
Name05=".17 Javalina"
Name06=".17 Mach IV"
Name07=".17 Pee Wee"
Name08=".17 Remington"
Name09=".17-222 Remington"
Name10=".17-222 Remington Mag"
Name11=".17-223 Remington"
Name12=".17 Bumble Bee"
Name13=".17 Mach III"

Name01="5mm-223 Remington"

Name01="20 Tactical"
Name02="204 Ruger"

Name01=".218 Bee"
Name02=".22 Remington Jet"

Name01=".22 Hornet"
Name02=".22 K Hornet"

Name01=".219 Donaldson Wasp"
Name02=".219 Zipper"
Name03=".219 Zipper Improved"
Name04=".22 Benchrest"
Name05=".22 Carbine"
Name06=".22 CHeeta Mk II"
Name07=".22 Eargesplitten"
Name08=".22 Newton"
Name09=".22 PPC"
Name10=".22 Waldog"
Name11=".22 WCF"
Name12=".22/06 Easling"
Name13=".22/30-30 Improved"
Name15=".22-15-60 Stevens"
Name16=".22-243 Middlestead"
Name17=".22-250 Remington"
Name18=".22-250 Remington Imp."
Name19=".22-284 Winchester"
Name20=".22-303 Falcon"
Name21=".22-303 Sprinter"
Name22=".22-303 Swift"
Name23=".22-350 Remington"
Name24=".220 Jaybird"
Name25=".220 Russian"
Name26=".220 Swift"
Name27=".220 Weatherby"
Name28=".220 Wotkyns-Wilson"
Name29=".221 Remington Fireball"
Name30=".222 Remington"
Name31=".222 Remington Magnum"
Name32=".222 Rimmed"
Name33=".223 Remington"
Name34=".223 WSSM"
Name35=".224 Clark"
Name36=".224 R-C Maxi"
Name37=".224 Stark"
Name38=".224 Weatherby"
Name39=".225 Winchester"
Name40="2R Lovell"
Name41="5.56x50mm Magnum"
Name43="5.6x50R Magnum"
Name44="5.6x57mm RWS"
Name45="5.7mm MMJ"

Name01=".22 Savage Hi-Power"

Name01=".228-284 R&M"

Name01=".230 Ackley Short"

Name01=".240 Cobra"
Name02=".240 SGW"
Name03=".240 Weatherby"
Name04=".243 Flash"
Name05=".243 Improved"
Name06=".243 Page"
Name07=".243 Rockchucker"
Name08=".243 Rockchucker Super"
Name09=".243 Spitfire"
Name10=".243 Winchester"
Name11=".243 WSSM"
Name14="6x62 Freres"
Name15="6mm Arch"
Name16="6mm Benchrest (Norma)"
Name17="6mm Benchrest (Rem)"
Name18="6mm Express Junior"
Name19="6mm International"
Name20="6mm Lee Navy"
Name21="6mm Pipsqueak"
Name22="6mm PPC"
Name23="6mm Remington"
Name24="6mm Rem. Improved"
Name25="6mm/30-30 Improved"
Name27="6mm-222 Remington"
Name28="6mm-223 Remington"
Name29="6mm-224 Weatherby"
Name30="6mm-225 Winchester"
Name31="6mm-250 Savage"
Name32="6mm-284 Winchester"
Name33="6mm-350 Remington"
Name34="6mm Benchrest"
Name35="6mm T.C.U."

Name01=".25 ACP"

Name01=".25 Gibbs"
Name02=".25 Hornet"
Name03=".25 ICL Magnum"
Name04=".25 Remington"
Name05=".25 TCU"
Name06=".25 Tomcat"
Name07=".25 WSSM"
Name08=".25-06 Remington"
Name09=".25-06 Rem. Improved"
Name10=".25-20 WCF"
Name11=".25-25 Stevens"
Name12=".25-35 Winchester"
Name13=".25-36 Marlin"
Name14=".25-224 Weatherby"
Name15=".25-284 Winchester"
Name16=".25-303 British"
Name17=".25-308 Winchester"
Name18=".250-3000 Improved"
Name19=".250-3000 Savage"
Name20=".256 Winchester"
Name21=".257 Baker Magnum"
Name22=".257 Kimber"
Name23=".257 Roberts"
Name24=".257 Roberts Improved"
Name25=".257 Scramjet"
Name26=".257 Weatherby"
Name27="6.3x53R Finnish"
Name28=".25 I.H.M.S.A."

Name01=".260 Remington"
Name02=".264 Blackbird"
Name03=".264 Hollis"
Name04=".264 Phantom"
Name05=".264 Winchester Mag."
Name06=".265 RCBS"
Name07="6.5-06 Springfield"
Name08="6.5-257 Roberts"
Name09="6.5-280 Imp. RCBS"
Name10="6.5-284 Norma"
Name11="6.5-284 Winchester"
Name12="6.5-300 Weatherby"
Name13="6.5-300 Wright-Hoyer"
Name14="6.5/30-30 Improved"
Name15="6.5 Benchrest"
Name16="6.5 Express Junior"
Name17="6.5 Gibbs"
Name18="6.5 ICL Magnum"
Name19="6.5 Reindeer"
Name20="6.5 Remington Magnum"
Name21="6.5x50mm Arisaka"
Name22="6.5x52mm Carcano"
Name23="6.5x53mm Dutch"
Name24="6.5x54mm Mannlicher"
Name25="6.5x54mm Mauser"
Name26="6.5x55mm Swedish"
Name27="6.5x57mm Mauser"
Name29="6.5x68mm Schuler"
Name30="6.7x60 EGM"
Name31="6.5 I.H.M.S.A."
Name33="6.5 JDJ"
Name34="6.5 TCU."

Name01=".270 Gibbs"
Name02=".270 ICL Magnum"
Name03=".270 Savage"
Name04=".270 Weatherby"
Name05=".270 Winchester"
Name06=".270 Winchester SM"
Name07=".270-284 Winchester"
Name08=".270-300 Weatherby"
Name09=".270-303 British"
Name10=".270-308 Improved"
Name11=".277 Smith"
Name12="6.8 Remington SPC"
Name13=".270 I.H.M.S.A.
Name14=".270 REN"

Name01=".280 Remington"
Name02=".280 Remington Imp."
Name03=".284 Firebird"
Name04=".284 Tomahawk"
Name05=".284 Winchester"
Name06=".285 OKH"
Name07="7mm Benchrest"
Name08="7mm Dakota"
Name09="7mm Gibbs"
Name10="7mm ICL Magnum"
Name11="7mm JRS"
Name12="7mm Mashburn"
Name13="7mm Remington Mag."
Name14="7mm Remington SAUM"
Name15="7mm Remington UM"
Name16="7mm S.T. Easterner"
Name17="7mm S.T. Westerner"
Name18="7mm Smith Magnum"
Name19="7mm Weatherby"
Name20="7mm Winchester SM"
Name21="7mm-08 Remington"
Name22="7mm-30 Waters"
Name23="7mm-300 Weatherby"
Name24="7mm-350 Remington"
Name25="7x33mm Sako"
Name26="7x54mm Mannlicher"
Name27="7x57mm Mauser"
Name29="7x61mm Sharpe & Hart"
Name30="7x64mm Brenneke"
Name31="7x65mmR Brenneke"
Name32="7mm Benchrest"
Name33="7mm I.H.M.S.A."
Name34="7mm International"
Name35="7mm TCU"
Name36="7mm US"
Name37="7x45mm Ingram"
Name38="7x49mm GJW"

Name01="7.35 Carcano"

Name01=".30 Benchrest"
Name02=".30 Carbine"
Name03=".30 Cody"
Name04=".30 Gibbs"
Name05=".30 ICL Magnum"
Name06=".30 Newton"
Name07=".30 Remington"
Name08=".30 Smith"
Name09=".30-06 Ackley"
Name10=".30-06 Springfield"
Name11=".30-30 Ackley"
Name12=".30-30 Winchester"
Name13=".30-40 Krag"
Name14=".30-223 Remington"
Name15=".30-224 Weatherby"
Name16=".30-284 Winchester"
Name17=".30-338 Winchester"
Name18=".30-350 Remington"
Name19=".30-378 Weatherby"
Name20=".30-444 Marlin"
Name21=".300 Dakota"
Name22=".300 H&H Magnum"
Name23=".300 ICL Magnum"
Name24=".300 Lapua Magnum"
Name25=".300 Remington SAUM"
Name26=".300 Remington UM"
Name27=".300 Savage"
Name28=".300 VJR"
Name29=".300 Weatherby"
Name30=".300 Winchester"
Name31=".300 Winchester SM"
Name32=".303 Savage"
Name33=".307 Winchester"
Name34=".308 Norma Magnum"
Name35=".308 Patriot""
Name36=".308 Warbird"
Name37=".308 Winchester"
Name38=".308x1-1/2" Barnes"
Name39=".309 Hammond"
Name40=".309 JDJ"
Name41=".310 Cadet"
Name42="7.5x54mm MAS"
Name43="7.5x55mm Swiss"
Name44=".30 Herrett"
Name45=".30 I.H.M.S.A."
Name46=".30-357 Paxton"
Name47=".300 Whisper"
Name48=".308-32-20 Winchester"
Name49=".309 JDJ"

Name01=".30 Luger"
Name02=".30 Mauser"

Name01="7.62x39mm Russian"
Name02="7.62x54mm Russian"

Name01=".303 British"
Name02="7.65x53mm Argentine"
Name03=".32 ACP"
Name04=".32 NAA"

Name01=".32-20 Winchester"
Name02="7.7x58mm Arisaka"
Name03=".32 H&R Magnum"
Name04=".32 S&W"
Name05=".32 S&W Long"
Name06=".32-20 Winchester"
Name07="7.62x25mm Tokarev"

Name01="8x57mmJ Mauser"
Name02="8x57mmJR Mauser"
Name03="8x72mmR Sauer & Sohn"

Name01=".32 Remington"
Name02=".32 Winchester SL"
Name03=".32 Winchester Special"
Name04=".32-40 Winchester"

Name01=".323 Hollis"
Name02=".325 WSM"
Name03="8mm Gibbs"
Name04="8mm PMM"
Name05="8mm Remington Mag."
Name06="8mm-06 Springfield"
Name07="8x57mmJRS Mauser"
Name08="8x57mmJS Mauser"
Name11="8x68mm Magnum"
Name12="8.2x53mmR Finnish"
Name13="8mm I.H.M.S.A."

Name01=".33 Poacher's Pet"
Name02=".33 Winchester"
Name03=".330 Dakota"
Name04=".338 A-Square"
Name05=".338 Galaxy"
Name06=".338 Lapua Magnum"
Name07=".338 Remington UM"
Name08=".338 Scovill"
Name09=".338 Titan"
Name10=".338 Winchester"
Name11=".338-06 A-Square"
Name12=".338-50 Talbot"
Name13=".338-223 Remington"
Name14=".338-378 Weatherby"
Name15=".340 Weatherby"
Name16=".338 I.H.S.M.A."
Name17=".338 JDJ #2"

Name01=".348 Winchester"

Name01="9mm Luger"
Name02=".357 SIG
Name03=".38 ACP
Name04=".38 Super ACP
Name05=".380 ACP
Name06="9x18mm Makarov
Name07="9x19mm Luger
Name08="9x21mm Fiocchi
Name09="9x23mm Largo

Name01="9x57 Mauser"

Name01=".357 Magnum"
Name02=".35 I.H.M.S.A."
Name03=".35 Remington"
Name04=".357 Herrett"
Name05=".357 Maximum"
Name06=".357-44 Bain-Davis"
Name07=".38 Special"

Name01=".35 Ackley Magnum"
Name02=".35 G&H Magnum"
Name03=".35 Newton"
Name04=".35 Remington"
Name05=".35 Whelen"
Name06=".35 Winchester"
Name07=".35 Winchester SL"
Name08=".35-30 Ackley"
Name09=".35-284 Winchester"
Name10=".35-444 Marlin"
Name11=".350 Griffin & Howe"
Name12=".350 Remington Magnum"
Name13=".350 Smith"
Name14=".351 Winchester SL"
Name15=".356 Winchester"
Name16=".358 JDJ"
Name17=".358 Norma Magnum"
Name18=".358 S.T. Alaskan"
Name19=".358 U.M.T."
Name20=".358 Winchester"

Name01="9.3x53mmR Finnish"
Name02="9.3x57mm Mauser"
Name03="9.3x62mm Mauser"
Name04="9.3x64mm Brenneke"

Name01=".375 Dakota"
Name02=".375 Flanged Express"
Name03=".375 Forsberg"
Name04=".375 H&H Magnum"
Name05=".375 Hellcat"
Name06=".375 ICL Magnum"
Name07=".375 JDJ"
Name08=".375 JRS"
Name09=".375 Remington UM"
Name10=".375 Saturn"
Name11=".375 Scovill"
Name12=".375 Weatherby"
Name13=".375 Whelen"
Name14=".375 Winchester"
Name15=".375-338 Chatfield"
Name16=".375/38-40 Rimless"
Name17=".376 Steyr"
Name18=".378 Weatherby"
Name19=".38-55 Winchester"
Name20=".375 JDJ"
Name21=".375 Super Magnum"

Name01=".40 S&W"
Name02=".38-40 Winchester"
Name03=".400 CorBon"
Name04="10mm Auto"

Name01=".38-40 Winchester"
Name02=".401 Herter Powermag"

Name01=".400 Whelen"

Name01=".41 Magnum"
Name02=".411 JDJ"

Name01=".405 Winchester"
Name02=".411 Magnum"

Name01=".416 Barnes"
Name02=".416 Dakota"
Name03=".416 Hoffman"
Name04=".416 Meteor"
Name05=".416 Remington Magnum"
Name06=".416 Rigby"
Name07=".416 Taylor"
Name08=".416 Weatherby"

Name01="10.75x68mm Mauser"
Name02="10.75x73mm Express"

Name01=".44-40 Winchester"

Name01=".44 Magnum"
Name02=".444 Marlin"
Name03=".44 Auto Mag"
Name04=".44 Special"
Name05=".44-40 Winchester"
Name06=".445 Super Mag"

Name01=".45 ACP"
Name02=".45 Colt"
Name03=".454 Casull"
Name04=".45 Auto Rim"
Name05=".45 Colt"
Name06=".45 Glock Auto"
Name07=".45 Super"
Name08=".45 Wildey Magnum"
Name09=".45 Winchester Magnum"
Name10=".450 Extreme"
Name11=".460 Rowland"

Name01=".45-70 Government"
Name02=".45-90 Government"
Name03=".450 Ackley Magnum"
Name04=".450 Alaskan"
Name05=".450 Marlin"
Name06=".450 Nitro Express"
Name07=".450 Smith"
Name08=".450 Watts Magnum"
Name09=".457 WWG Magnum"
Name10=".458 Lott"
Name11=".458 Winchester"
Name12=".458x1-1/2" Barnes"
Name13=".458x2" American"
Name14=".460 Weatherby"

Name01=".470 Nitro Express"
Name02=".475 A&M Magnum"
Name03=".475 OKH Magnum"
Name04=".475 Linebaugh"
Name05=".475 Wildey Magnum"
Name06=".480 Ruger"

Name01=".495 A-Square"
Name02=".50 Action Express"
Name03=".500 S&W Magnum"

Name01=".495 A-Square"
Name02=".50 Alaskan"
Name03=".500 A-Square"
Name04=".510 Nitro Express"

Name01=".50 BMG"
Name02=".500 Jeffery"

Name01=".585 Nyati"

Name01=".700 Nitro Express"

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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 4:31 pm    Post subject: Re: Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors Reply with quote

Looking good Dallan!

Its missing some of the older more "unique" calibers. Smile Not too sure of there caliber diameter though. Just put the ones listed for them where possible Smile

Some of them:

8mm Jap Nambu (.321)

.38 Long Colt

.41 Long Colt (.386)

.44 Russian

.45 S&W Schofield

.455 Webley (.454)

.45-75 (.458)

.45-110 (.451)

.45-120 Sharps (.451)

.50-70 Gov't (.512)

.577 Snider (.575)

Off Cabela's site I'm not sure on the accuracy though. Confused


A thousand hills, but no birds in flight, ten thousand paths, with no people's tracks. A lonely boat, a straw-hatted old man, fishing alone in the cold river snow.
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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 7:03 pm    Post subject: Re: Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors Reply with quote

404 Jeffrey
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PostPosted: Wed May 03, 2006 7:14 pm    Post subject: Re: Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors Reply with quote

Here's some more....
At Dimitri‘s request:
Maybe you should post in the other thread Dallan made so he sees this

Origional topic: List of Different Calibers, by Dimitri.

Posted by kbis:
Lets not forget the 45-100-2 6/10 (45-100 Sharps), 45-110-2 7/8 (45-110 Sharps), 45-120-3 1/4 (45-120 Sharps) and the ever popular 50-70 Government . Can you tell I like the old stuff, not sure the body is up to handling the Sharps loads

Posted by me:
One item that caught my eye.... Some early models of the 22 Hornet used .223" grooved barrels. Today’s rifles are designed to use .224" projectiles. I'm not sure when this change came about.
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PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2006 7:24 am    Post subject: Re: Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors Reply with quote

I am not sure (old timer's) but the Hornet was based on the 22 Winchester Center Fire (22 WCF) which was a .222 cal black powder round. The early Hornets 1930 on shot a .222 cal 45 grain jacket bullet.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 4:31 pm    Post subject: Re: Pointblank v2.0 Caliber descriptors Reply with quote

I don't know if this is a problem, but under [cal_28] Name01="9mm Luger" and Name07="9x19 Luger" are the same cartridge.

Likewise under [cal_43] both Name02 and Name05 refer to ".45 Colt".

Guess it depends on whether the database intends to include duplicates and synonyms.

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