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  Terms and Definitions

ReloadingReloading: The process of sizing, charging and assembling a firearm cartridge.

Reloading Manual: A manual produced by powder and componant manufacturers listing detailed data and steps to reload cartridges. Most manuals contain ballistics and energy tables as well.

Cartridge: A cylindrical, usually metal casing containing the primer and charge of ammunition for firearms.

Case: A brass container to contain ignition source, propellent and projectile into a single object for a firearm.

Bullet: A projectile which is fired out of a firearm.

Primer: An ignition source for a cartridge which explodes when struck by firearms firing pin, thus igniting the cartridges powder.

Powder: A propellent which when burned, produces extreem pressure to force a projectile down the barrel of a firearm.

Press: A device used to assemble firearm cartridges.

Reloading Die: A precision form the size of a rifle cartridge into which a case is forced thereby transfering the image of the die to the case.

Powder Scale: A precision scale used to accurately weigh powder by grains.

Powder Measure: A precision measure used to accurately measure amounts of powder.

Powder Trickler: A tool which trickles a slow amount of powder. Used to add fine amounts of powder to a scale.

Chamber: The area at the rear of a rifle barrel into which a rifle cartrige is placed.

Boltface: The face of the bolt into which the base of a case is placed. Contains a hole through which the firing pin is able to strike the primer.

OAL: Over All Length. Refers to the total length of a cartridge.

COAL: Same as OAL, stands for Cartridge Over All Length.

Gage OAL: A length, measured from the base of a cartrige to a point on the bullet of a specific diameter. Requires a specific tool.

Headspace: The volume left between the top of a cartridge shoulder or rim, and the chamber after closing the firearms bolt.

Freebore: The distance between the olgive of a bullet and the start of the barrels riflings.

Riflings: The grooves which twist down the inside of a barrel. Riflings are what gives a bullet it's spin.

Lands: The raised portion of a grooved surface.

Fields: The recessed portion of a grooved surface.

Rim: A recessed groove at the base of a case.

Belt/Belted Case: A circular protrusion at the base of a case to limit how far a case will enter a firearms chamber.

Primer Pocket: A recessed area in the bottom of a case into which the primer is placed.

FlashHole: A hole in the bottom of a case through which flame from the primer enters the case and ignites the powder.

Case Neck: The top of a case which holds the bullet in place.

Chamfer: To cut off the edge or corner of a case (bevel).

Case Lube: A special lubricant which aids the cases re-sizing process and to not get stuck in the die.

WildCat: A special Caliber for a firearm which is not available by a commercial manufacturer. Many reloaders create new and unique calibers and many current factory calibers originally started off as wildcat calibers.

Posted by DallanC on Tuesday, May 10, 2005 (23:48:02) (3101 reads) [ Administration ]
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