No bucks-got bear
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#16: Re: No bucks-got bear Author: ElvisLocation: south island New Zealand PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 2:27 am
Aloysius wrote:
When ypu meet the bear, you can always try to name him Jon and when he doesn't listen, does your mobile phone work in that area? If yess, look for a good tree and call Jon. Smile

And you're sure it's real bear on your pictures? Not Jon with some fur looking for revence?

and your story about the camera reminds me a story my sister once told. It was pre-digital area, so after the hollidays you had to bring your films to the shop, wait a few days and then you could show your friends all the pictures of your holidays. Same thing happened to a friend of my sister. He bought a new camera just before going on holidays and when he went for his develloped pictures, they were all the same, showing a part of his glasses and his right ear... it seemed he held the camera backwards all the time...
we had a friend doing videoing at a wedding and he thought the red light ment it was in standby.. well some interesting footage was had including some of his feet with the sound of running water Embarassed Embarassed
great pictures where there are does there is sure to be a buck or there would be no little deers now would there... Very Happy

#17: Re: No bucks-got bear Author: AloysiusLocation: B., Belgium PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:09 am
I think Suz is using the wrong parfum. When female attraction doesn't work, maybe it's time to try some apple flavour or so. Isn't iso-amyl-acetate not an ingredient of apple flavour? Then maybe you can try using dissolvant or do you name that "nail-polish-remover"?
And maybe add something sweet. Ever tried dates? (I don't mean you have to ask a buck for a date, I mean these sweet dates for eating!) They work fine with roedeer... Hang them 1 - 1,5 yrds (is that 5 feet?) high on tree-branches so they have to reach out for them (and also smell them from long distance).
When nothing seems to work, try a string... it already mislead many male and I better stop giving advice now Smile

#18: Re: No bucks-got bear Author: SuzanneLocation: Eugene, Oregon PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 6:06 am
You guys are taking weird to another extreme....Thanks for the Video SlimJ, I've seen it before but I love it. That bear looks so docile and cute climbing up the ladder.

Ok so I guess I have to hang some dates from a tree after soaking them in nail polish remover, turn the camera around, make sure the red dot is pointing away from me, call Jon on the cell phone after climbing up a tree and never volunteer for wedding photos. Got it!

Aloys I think I'd still get a bear if I spread perfume around. Last year I tried some commercially made 'deer attractant' on a cotton wick and I never saw anything as a result. I've used apples and pears with good results, but I don't like attracting bears.....they only come around at night I assume, so maybe it's ok to use as long as I'm not around at night. I don't wanna be bait.

Sure like that camera, it was on sale and takes better photos than I thought it would. It's a Moultrie D55IR and takes a billion batteries but has a 4GB card in it to record on. And what I really like is no one has stolen it from my spot. That bear whacked it at least once but only moved it enough so I could get some really great photos of a leaf blowing in the wind (shot after shot after shot of a leaf blowing in the wind....fu.....)


#19: Re: No bucks-got bear Author: slimjimLocation: Fort Worth TX PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:15 pm
Suzanne wrote:
...well now I know what bear scat looks like anyway and I've seen it before just didn't know what it was. Kinda scares me a bit but they probably aren't aggressive. (cross my fingers)

Suz, here is what to do when you meet one face to face.

#20: Re: No bucks-got bear Author: Ominivision1Location: Iowa PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:40 pm

The link you posted is for a mobile device (ipad, iphone, galaxy, etc) and takes you to a totally different page then you intended.

#21: Re: No bucks-got bear Author: slimjimLocation: Fort Worth TX PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:14 pm
Try this one.

Speak softly, Suz, and they will understand.

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