Yugoslav Model 24/47s
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#1: Yugoslav Model 24/47s Author: Gil MartinLocation: Schnecksville, PA PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:46 am
I have a fondness for this rifle that I cannot explain. In any case, I found a dealer who advertised these fine rifles in excellent condition at an attractive price. I rolled the dice and ordered two rifles and they arrived a local gun shop. These rifles appear to be unissued with matching numbers and perfect bores. The only problem was the mis-matched colors of the stocks and handguards. One had a dark stock and a caramel colored handguard. The other had a caramel colored stock and a a dark walnut handguard. In about 10 minutes I switched the handguards and now have two lovely rifles. Anyone else shooting a 24/47? All the best...

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