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Did you know?
Discussion that doesnt fit other Topics
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Super Member
Super Member

Joined: Jun 27, 2009
Posts: 3311
Location: Eugene, Oregon

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:07 am    Post subject: Re: Did you know? Reply with quote

It's kinda interesting how the media seems so dumb about them, because they're doing the left's bidding. Upset that they don't congeal with either party, they throw tantrums. Actually I just found this great video on YouTube where Gavin Mcinnis explains roughly who Antifa is.
Just found another one this one is Gavin's impression on that documentary from CNN you may be referring to, it's pretty funny really. Here's part 2


May the moon keep you centered,
May the sun keep you dancing,
And the stars shed light on your dreams.
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Super Member
Super Member

Joined: Sep 25, 2008
Posts: 4877
Location: Pine, Az.

PostPosted: Sat Mar 17, 2018 10:20 am    Post subject: Re: Did you know? Reply with quote

Hi Suz!

Don'ta just love her? I do.

Aaaand....good topic. Whole reason I left my big desk job in the Liberal-Leftist Welfare-Sate of KommieFornia. Moved back up to a VERY small town, where no one likes me. (meaning I'm not bothered very much due to fear or loathing). I'm a local here, no one knows that. I grew up jsut down the hi-way a bit. But most think I'm Johnny-Come-Lately. Hahaaha. We don't get TV signals, maybe a radio station and a half once in a while. I'm not sure what's going on down in the liberal jungle. And, don't care.

People will come up and say "Wow, hey- did you hear about [insert Opra-hot topic here] that went down???"

Yeh, um, no- I didn't, and don't want to.... and don't care. I moved back up here where all that sht don't happen. .

Why the big move?

Simple really. Up here? It's 98% Conservative. Ya gota work for your bread. No welfare. There's no "element" of society that tends to create to feed that vicious circle.

There's 1 or 2 that are dumpster diving, but they move on come winter. And they know better than to start something or pick through my sht. That would be fatal for their health.

Also- we don't dial 911 up here. Literally. You dial that, you get a recording most of the time, or a live body 80 miles away. LE is few n far between up here. And with that you think there'd be a lot of crime? There's not.


Everyone here is armed to the freakin' teeth. Big time. And, at the top of the Hill or down in the Canyon, the forest has a lot of shovels laying about, and, critters that will dispose of all organic materials in less than 24 hrs.

It's remote, but not super remote, but just enough so. And it works.


Big Cities spawn Big Problems. 70% of the populace is Liberal. 30% of the populace is either not working for all kinds of reasons, a crook, addicted to something or mentally challenged. The other 2/3rd's works hard 6 days a week to keep that dead weight in food and toilet paper. 60% of that 2/3rd's are morons, they watch TV all night, or day if you prefer. Need I say more on that? 90% of hot-button topics come from talk show empty heads or "this study just found that" useless think tanks. Ever notice how many "study's" are done nowadays? Who pays for that? Yeh- there ya go. Side note on Crime stats: they are what they are. Tough sht. Suck it up. If yer the same skin color as some large inmate populous then boo-fking-hoo. Turn off the TV and go do something positive instead of whining about how much you don't have, how bad you think you have it and how much you think I owe YOU. You are either part of the problem, or part of the cure. Trust me, there was an indigenous People that was here LONG before ANY of you ever got here that got it much worse from the hands of Whitey.

Summary: most problems are self-generated and self correcting. Think about that. And, Stats Accuracy and Fact Content of same are 100% subject to the Authors Paycheck Source, you can take that to the bank- they do!

Moral of the Story up here? We having a saying up here. In Pine, No One Can Hear You Scream.
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