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#1 Barrel without pins-132 views
#1 Forearm Barrel Side Clearance-129 views
#1 Forearm with bedding points 2-153 views
#1 Forearm with hangar bedding points-118 views
#1 Rib & Action clearance point-151 views
.576 inch group with 338 Barrel-116 views
.591 inch group with 7mm RM barrel-79 views
20 ga Browning Citori After-142 viewsThis is the same 20 ga with a AAA grade Fancy Franquette (English Walnut) stock, in an English or field configuration with a long triggerguard, a Limbsaver pad and completely refinished to original Browning polish. All work by myself, including the stock. Stock is from one of my AAA blanks.
22-250 AI Fast Twist 1-7-518 viewsCustom 22-250 AI that I built. It has a Lothar Walther SS, match, fluted, computer lapped, 1-7 twist barrel. Kipplinger single set trigger and 8x34x56 Hakko Scope. The action is chrome molly that has been hard chromed after being blueprinted. Recoil lug and threads are oversized. Stock is by HS Precision. Bipod is by Harris. It is extreamly accurate. Crow gun, longest shot 354 yards on a walking crow in a disked field.
260 XP100 Custom-239 viewsThis is a 260 that I built on an old XP action. The stock is zebra wood with a walnut tip and cap. The Duglas 1-9 twist barrel is fluted and has a muzzle break. The trigger is a Taylor with a 4 oz pull weight. The bolt is fluted and the bolt shroud has been turned to reduce the weight. The scope is a Weaver V-8. The gun will do right a 3,000 fps with a 100 gr Sierra, but is very accurate with the 120 MK.
2nd 357 Max Rifle built for John VanDoren-80 viewsThis was a rifle I started for hunting buddy John VanDoren. John was to finish the rifle. When John was diagnosed with cancer and then died, I finished the rifle for his daughter, Emily. The stock is one of my Ex Claro blanks that I cut out on my duplicator for John.
338 WM / 7mm RM Switch Barrel-188 viewsThis is my switch barrel gun built on a Win M-70 Classic action. Shown with both scopes, barrels and take down wrench. The 338 shoots .57 inch groups with 225 gr bullets and the 7mm shoots .70 inch gr with 140 gr bullets both barrels at sub MOA. It works well.
357 Max Rifle Cartridges-123 viewsThe 180 Hornady SP is the Hornady rifle bullet not the single shot pistol bullet. This bullet is deadly on deer out of the Martini.
357 Super Mag Martini Cadet-253 viewsI was told it could not be built, so that being the case, I built two.
391 Beretta Sporting Gold Silver Side-256 viewsThis is my 391, Sporting Gold, 20 ga gun with the stock I made for it from one of my blanks.
425 Ultra XS 20ga-111 viewsThis is my Browning 425 Ultra XS gun that is deadly on pigeons.
445 Super Mag Dan Wesson-99 viewsMy, first production model 445 Dan Wesson Super Mag. Brass is made from 30-40 Kraig for this model gun.
45-70 Siamese Mauser, one of two I have built in the last 12 months or so.-210 viewsTimney trigger, Lothar Walther ported barrel and a custom English Walnut stock with cherry tip and cap. Scope is a Nikon.
458 Lott Custom-178 viewsCustom rifle on Montana Rifle Co 1999 Action with MRC 26 inch 1-14 twist barrel, New England Custom Gun Express sights, exhibition grade Bastogne Walnut stock, Madagascar Ebony tip, cap and cross bolt plugs, Limbsaver pad. Stock is double cross bolted and has a 7 inch, 3/8 diameter steel rod epoxied into the wrist. Steel is rust blued. The stock is from one of my blanks.
50 Yard Target Red Dot Sight-120 views
6.5x55 Swede w/ Misquete Stock Left side-101 viewsThis is the latest addition to the tribe. It is a highly modified Swedish Mauser. In addition to my normal modifications as outlined in my article, this action has been made smaller by reducing the magazine height by one round, then the sides of the stock and buttstock have been thinned to create a sevite little 4 shot rifle. The barrel is original with the steps removed and cut to 20 inches. The stock is screwbean misquete with an Enlish walnut tip. The rifle shoots sub .5 inch groups with the Hornady 140.
60 Grain Berger HP removed from Mini-14 barrel-189 views
6x47 Custom XP-100-93 viewsThis was a basket case, rusted, painted, badly fouled, etc. I took it apart, turned the barrel, recut the chamber, recut the crown, stripped the wood and totaly refinished the inside and outside. The 6x47 shot sub .25 inch groups at 50 meters when done.
700 Rem Custom 260-247 viewsBuilt this gun for myself then hunting buddy, John VanDoren, talked me out of it. That is what he means by his "thank you" in the reloading pages. John finished the stock after I cut it out on my duplicator. Gun is a CM 700 blueprinted, hard chromed, Kipplinger single set trigger, Lothar Walther SS, match, fluted barrel. The lug is oversized and the treads are .010 oversized with 100% contact to the lugs. The scope is a 6x24 Burris Signature.
7x08 Custom XP100-93 viewsThis is a basket case rebuild. The wood was painted black and the metal had three layers of paint on it. The barrel was pitted outside but the bore was still good. This gun was taken down, barrel recrowned, new chamber cut, turned to new contour. The trigger was replaced, the hand cut V notch in the action was recut to an oval. Bolt was fluted and action lightened. ISG sights installed. Wood was stripped, reshaped and refinished with a sanded in Pro Custom Oil finish. Gun shoots 1/2 inch groups at 100 with the Sierra 150 Sierra MK over 34 gr of 748.
Argentina 08 - Ariel Goldman Out*****r & Guide-98 views
Argentina 08 - Bill Sanders & Rob Womack end of 2nd day-87 views
Argentina 08 - Bill shooting 4th day-117 views
Argentina 08 - Chef Oscar Kahan with Ronald Regan at White House-178 views
Argentina 08 - Ed with Louis in blind 4th Day-119 views
Argentina 08 - J firing the last round on the last day shell in air, he got the bird-116 views
Argentina 08 - J in blind 4th Day-119 views
Argentina 08 - Main Lodge with rooms building on right-102 views
Custom 260 Remington-115 viewsThis is my personal 260 that I built. It has a blueprinted chrome molly action, oversized threads, oversized recoil lug, 100% locking lug contact, Kipplinger single set trigger, custom bolt handle. The action was satin chromed by Bob Coogan, the barrel is a Lothar Walther, SS, fluted, ultra match 1-8 twist, computer lapped .0001 air gage. With a 120 Sierra MK at 3200 fps, it shoots .147 groups at 100.
Custom 300 WSM-299 viewsThis is one of two Montana Rifle 300 WSMs I built last year. Barrel is 1-10 twist, SS, match, Lothar Walther. Stock is Exhibition grade Bastogne Walnut with Madagascar Ebony tip and cap. Scope is a 4x16x56 MPZ Tactical by Hakko. Shoots .20 inch groups.
Custom 6.5x06-114 viewsI built this 6.5x06 on a Remington 700 Action. The 26 inch barrel is a Douglas AG Premium with 1-9 twist. The scope is a Burris Signature. The stock is a Richards Ex Claro fiddle back walnut. With an 85 Sierra over 48.5 gr H-322 the bullet does 3,755 FPS and shoots.29 inch groups.
Dakota Sport 12ga with 32 inch barrels-167 viewsThe new Dakota. Wood came with 1 coat of oil, it was stripped and then an in the wood finish was done. That is 12 coats of Brownell's Pro Custom Oil. The Dakota Sport project was scrapped with but 73 guns built.
Doves in the air, Argentina 2003-151 viewsWas lucky enough to go to Argentina in 2003 for a 6 day dove shoot.
Grass Land Safaris Lodge South Africa-113 viewsThis is the lodge where we stayed in South Africa while bird hunting
L Rock Piegon, R Speckled Rock Piegon-148 viewsRock Piegon on Left and Speckeled Rock Piegon on Right, South Africa
Martini Barrel Shank with Cuts-110 viewsFirst the cross cut is made to depth, then the angle cuts are made on the sides.
Martini Cadet in 222R with Custom English Walnut Stock-212 viewsI built this custom Martini last year. The little gun is just a joy to own and shoot. It shoots into the .25 inch range.
Martini Cadet in 357 Max-310 viewsWas told that gun could not be built so I built one. This is a deer thumper for those SE woods shots.
Mdl 96 Swede in 6.5x55 built about 1995-184 viewsNote this photo shows the original Mauser barrel tapered from the first step, near the chamber, to the muzzle. The sights have been removed as have the steps in the barrel, save the very first step.
Mdl 96 Swede Trigger Guard & Bolt Handle-89 viewsThis is the treatment that can be applied to the trigger guard to make a more plesant apperance. The bolt handle is bent and swept. The knob is shaped and drilled. The triggerguard has aprox .250 removed from each side and the connection at the flat is tapered.
Model 96 Swede Left Rear Action-108 viewsThis photo shows the taper cut made to the tang and the fit to the wood. This taper cut prevents the sear from gouging the wood as the bolt is worked. The photo also shows the flush cut firing pin extension, removal of cocking knob and the scope safety installed.
Model 96 Swede Muzzle-93 viewsThis is the modified muzzle of the 6.5x55 The photo shows my favorite type of crown as turned on a lathe. This is the recessed target crown with the exterior edges broken or rounded and the bore cut left sharp and clean.
Model 96 Swede Right Side of Action Close-110 viewsThese are the modifications to the bolt as mentioned. Note the removal of the cocking knob at the rear of the bolt, the new scope safety, flat bolt handle, shaped knob and the angle that the bolt is swept back. The Timney trigger has been shortened and the tip rounded. In the photo you can also see that the rounded ridge behind the stripper clip opeaning has been removed. The bolt body has been polished to 500 grit and jewled or engine turned. The extractor has been blued but should be left polished as it will scratch when the bolt is worked.
My First Rifle-110 viewsThis 512 was given to me on my 9th birthday. The scope rails were cut by Dick Riley of Hookset, NH who would later become the president of the NRA. I worked part time in Dick's shop when I was in high school.
Pre War Mdl 70 in 30-06-239 viewsPut Together from parts and it shoots.
Remington 510 P Restored-84 viewsThis is a 510 P that I restored. The P indicates a peep sight.
Remington 512 Restored-98 viewsThis is a 512 that I restored.
Remington 513 T Restored-85 viewsThis is a 513 T that I restored. The gun was a basket case, painted, pitted, etc. It had seem many years service in a NJ high school rifle team before I found it in a pawnshop in Florida. I do kave the open sights for it, including the rear peep and the Lyman globe front with all of the inserts.
Restored 511 Remington-166 viewsThe 510, 511, 512 and 513 Remingtons were some of the finest sporting 22 rifles ever made. I buy and restore 500 Series Remington 22 rifles. This is one of my restored guns.
S Dakota phesant shoot 2003-191 viewsThat is me in the middle on the back row.
Scope Target Square - Square-117 views
Speckeled Rock Piegon wing span-142 viewsSpeckeled Rock Piegon in South Africa
Wife's 6.5x55-276 viewsWife claims I built this gun for her. But she lets me use it when I want. The stock is quilted big leaf maple.
XP-100 in 6.5 BR-250 viewsThis is a 6.5 BR that I built. The action has been altered, a spoon bolt handle added. The barrel is a Sheilen ultra match SS 1-8 twist. Stock is walnut with maple tip and cap. Trigger is a Taylor 4 oz. Scope mount is custom, extended mount. Scope is a 3x12 Burris Signature. The gun was built to shoot 1/2 size targets and 500 meter silhouette.
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